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Vehicle: 2005 Toyota Prius
Miles Driven on Tires: 1,700
Location: daytona beach, fl
Driving Condition: Combined Highway/City
Driving Style: Easy Going
Continental ContiProContact
Follow-Up Review: 37,000 miles on tires
January 17, 2011
After nearly 3 years and 37k miles there is roughly 1/8 tread remaining. Each tire has worn evenly across it's width but there's about 1/16 difference between the most and least worn tire. I've rotated them regularly and maintained consistent tire pressures. At this wear rate the tires will have 42k miles when the first one hits the wear indicators.<br><br>Fuel mileage has remained consistently in the low 60's but still below the original Goodyear Integrities. Road noise has increased considerably as the tires have worn, and just like the Integrities, they're loud over anything but smooth pavement. All handling qualities have been completely adequate for the way I drive a Prius.<br><br>The Contis have been solid, dependable tires. They were about half the cost of Goodyear Integrities and have been slightly quieter at the expense of about 3-4 mpg. When the time comes to replace them I will likely try Bridgestone Ecopia EP100's in the hopes of improving fuel mileage and reducing road noise.
Initial Review: 1,700 miles on tires
March 13, 2008

This review is for the benefit of other hypermilers considering replacement tires for their Prius. At 30k miles I replaced the OEM Goodyear Integrity tires with the same size Continental ContiPro Contact in 185/65x15. The Integrities were LOUD over anything but the absolute smoothest pavement and the Contis are an improvement in both noise and ride harshness at the same inflation pressure. Driven repeatedly over the same route my fuel mileage has decreased approx 5% or 3-4 mpg using both the MFD and ScanguageII. The last several tanks on the well-worn Goodyears were at 66-67 mpg and the first three tanks on the Contis have been 63 mpg. The odo and speedo have changed slightly compared to GPS so I think larger tire diameter accounts for about 1% of the mileage drop. It is possible that winter fuel blend might account for some of the drop and I will update this review if I find that to be the case.

I can't comment on handling or traction other than to say it's completely adequate...'cuz it's a Prius and I drive it like, well, a Prius. I will say that noise level and ride harshness is improved compared to the Integrities.

High praise for TireRack. $45/each on sale and shipped promptly.

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