Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus

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Vehicle: 2010 Honda Civic Sedan
Miles Driven on Tires: 1,300
Location: AVON, OH
Driving Condition: Combined Highway/City
Driving Style: Spirited
Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus
Follow-Up Review: 14,071 miles on tires
February 09, 2014
After 10 months and now with over 14K miles I removed the tires from my Civic on December 31st to mount my winter tires (Bridgestone Blizzaks). I still love these tires and recommend them enthusiastically, with only one caveat:<br>Dry Road: They have imparted a level of control and handling that was absent with the OEM Bridgestone EL400s. I enjoy driving this car A LOT more now that I mounted them.<br>ROAD NOISE: I have found noise to be an issue in two circumstances: on well-worn roads with exposed aggregate and when under-inflated. Both situations cause the tire to emit a high-pitched whine when driven at speed, otherwise the tires are still very pleasant as far as road-noise is concerned.<br>Wet Traction: Still excellent- I have not sensed any perceptible fall-off as the tread has worn. These tires inspire confidence with excellent hydroplaning resistance. <br>DEEP SALTED SLUSH (a common occurrence in N.E. Ohio at the beginning and end of winter): Excellent control and traction in treated snow and slush conditions. These tires allowed me to forestall mounting my winter tires on my Civic until we were well into the worst of this current winter.<br>UNTREATED SNOW AND ICE: Passible as long as you stay on the flats and don't exceed parking lot speeds. Going faster will show the tire's excessive tendency to understeer on untreated snow and ice-covered surfaces. Throttle and steering inputs require pre-planning and glacier-slow execution (no pun intended) to travel without any drama: forget emergency maneuvers of any sort. Stay home during lake-event snowfalls. If you insist on using these as your winter rubber in N.E. Ohio you will become a hazard to navigation; this is no exaggeration. The OEM Bridgestone EL400 had more snow and ice capability than this tire does on UNTREATED snow and Ice. <br>SUMMARY: An excellent 3 1/2 season tire, or excellent 4 season tire if your winter driving allows you to wait for the plows and salt trucks. I would buy these tires again in a
Initial Review: 1,300 miles on tires
April 11, 2013

Tire size is 205/55-16. I normally do not post reviews this early but in the one month I have been driving this tire it has been through every possible road condition except extreme heat. It has experienced temperatures between 14 and 75 degrees F, heavy snow, extreme downpours, high-speed city driving and long road trips. With less than 500 miles on them, these tires allowed my best ever fuel economy recorded to date on my car during a recent long trip: 38 mpg (previous best was 37.4 on the OEM tires). Amazing wet road grip even on rain-flooded grooved pavement. Only on wet painted lines have I been able to make these break free by getting stupid with the gas pedal. On dry pavement they provide a nice increase in handling precision over the OEM tires. The ride is on the firm side, but not harsh. I run dedicated winter tires ( Bridgestone Blizzaks ) due to the high number of miles I put on the car for work but I did run the Serenity through some of the late winter March storms to hit the Cleveland area. In deep salted slush so common on Cleveland roads they are excellent, actually putting the Blizzaks to shame. But on untreated snow more than 1/2 they lack any amount of lateral traction while cornering and can barely claw through snow in a straight-line. On packed snow expect your traction control and ABS to be constantly working. If snow is a very real part of your winter driving and you rely upon all-season tires to get you through these are not for you. But as a 3-season tire the Serenity Plus is excellent: great wet and dry traction, great fuel economy and decent handling. It can handle the late-spring or early-winter storms and the resulting thick salted slush that is so common throughout North East Ohio roads. I would definitely consider buying these tires again. Mounting these tires have actually caused me to put on hold my plans to trade the car, they made that much of an improvement in the over-all ride and handling.

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