Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Position

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Vehicle: 2005 Acura TL
Miles Driven on Tires: 1,500
Location: HANOVER, MD
Driving Condition: Combined Highway/City
Driving Style: Spirited
Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Position
Follow-Up Review: 3,000 miles on tires
January 09, 2014
I still love the tires for dry and wet driving. After the Polar Vortex swept the nation though and I had the misfortune of driving on some ice, though, I have to say that this is a 3 season tire. My car was practically ice skating on the ice and the traction control light stayed lit. This was never an issue on the Conti DWS tires on the car previously. Also, I did notice that my MPG had dropped by 1-2 MPG per fillup. This is most likely due to the fact that this tire weighs 5-6 lbs more than the Conti's. I would still buy this tire again, as i am happy with the dry/wet handling and performance of this tire, however I wil consider desiganted winter tires for the colder winter months. The tires are also still a little noisiers than the Conti's, but they are directional tires and that may contribute. Either I've gotten acclimated to it or the noise has quieted down, but I do not consider the noise to be intrusive. With the radio on I don't notice it.
Initial Review: 1,500 miles on tires
December 03, 2013

I used to have the 960's on my car and I loved them! The handling was so remarkably improved over the OEM Michelin grand touring tires. I got 50,000 miles on them before switching to the Continental DWS tires due to the cost of the 960's creeping up higher than I liked. The Conti's were pretty good espcially in the rain and light snow that we get in Maryland. The performance aspect suffered a little especially during cornering, but overall they were a good tire. One of the Conti's developed a bubble in the sidewall (naturally right after the manufacturers warranty had run out). I purchased a replacement from Tire Rack and they were kind enough to not charge me shipping due to the closenee of the warranty expiration. I got about 50K miles out of the Conti's before switching to the 970's as they were on sale and i missed the performance aspect of the 960's. The 970's have been great so far and and I love the tighter handling theuy provide. I must comment, however that these tires are definitely noisier than the Conti's. It's not unbearable or anything like that (yet), but considerably noticeable after the Conti's. I only have 1500 miles on them, so I will update after I get some more miles on them and see how they hold up this winter. Don't get me wrong, I love the tires... I cant remember if the 960's were loud or not, but the Conti's may have spoiled me as far as noise. I would by these tires again based on how they are holding up so far, but if noise is an issue for you then you may want to look into the Conti's.

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