Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Position

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Vehicle: 2013 BMW 335i Sedan
Miles Driven on Tires: 800
Location: Crown Point, IN
Driving Condition: Combined Highway/City
Driving Style: Spirited
Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Position
Follow-Up Review: 1,000 miles on tires
December 15, 2012
I returned these tires and had a set of Conti DWS installed. I had Conti DWS tires on my 2009 135i and they were great. On the flat terrain of the Chicago area the DWS were acceptable in the snow. I'm VERY happy I ditched these RE970's for the DWS, especially after reading recent posts about their AWFUL performance in snow. I also read a TireRack test where the RE970's were tested in snow against the DWS. That test coupled with the latest owner reviews confirms that Bridgestone concentrated on 3 season performance and forgot about the main reason why people seek out ALL season tires, SNOW.<br>I'm not expecting AS tires to perform like snow tires in the snow, but I do expect AS tires to be able to give even a moderate level of safety on days when there is snow fall. What I need from an AS tire is to be able to get home with reasonable safety. Seems Bridgestone forgot that.<br>As soon as I got back into my car leaving the TireRack I could instantly feel the better ride quality of the DWS. Compared to the RE970's, bumps that would feel harsh are now simply absorbed smoothly. Also, on smoother pavement there is less vibration coming through the steering wheel and chassis. The RE's have an odd gritty feel even on smooth surfaces. <br>At around 90mph the 970's started to develop a slight vibration that was felt through the seat, but not there under that speed.<br>The DWS have only slightly less steering response. To easily add back the response I added +6psi more pressure to the fronts and rears, EXCELLENT. BMW does recommend adding 7psi front and 6psi rear for higher speed driving. Steering response is now on par with the RE's. In fact I'd say a bit better, because these tires are about 6lbs EACH lighter than the RE's reducing unsprung weight by 22lbs. This also helps with steering response and over all handling. The other benefit to lower weight, my return home mpg went up by 2mpg, lighter weight and higher psi.
Initial Review: 800 miles on tires
December 13, 2012

I've only had this tire on my car for about 1 month/800 miles. I'm exchanging them for a set of Continental DWS instead. The RE970's have great steering response. The DWS have ok steering response, which gets better with higher PSI.
Why the switch? The 970's are quiet, quieter than the stock Bridgestone summer performance S001 that came on the car.
They are a decent tire but they are directional. My 335i has staggered tires so I can't rotate my tires, but with non directional tires, like the DWS, I can at least swap them left to right, and that made a difference when I had them on a previous 135i.
Also, the RE970's make my 335i's rear end HOP on hard standing start launches.
The worst part of the 970's is their ride. On smooth pavement the ride is excellent, and very quite. But, on moderate to larger bumps or road imperfections these tires 'crash' into bumps and the shock is sent into the cars chassis. I hate that. The stock tires were run flats, which are notorious for having a harsher ride on road imperfections impact. These RE970's feel about the same as RFT's except they aren't RFT's.
On impacts these tires feel heavy, and literally their are. Their weight is about as much as the OEM RFT's. I can see why Tire Rack got a 1mpg decrease with these tires, they are heavy, and more unsprung weight can degrade MPG and performance. I'm surprised these tires received the high praise they did. Granted, steering response is excellent for an all season tire, but ride comfort is not that great. Also, I don't see how the tread on the 970's can be good even in light snow. There seems to be no siping at all and moderate tread. We're not seeing snow reviews and it's becoming clearer that Bridgestone did not improve snow capability. Isn't that why we buy all seasons in the first place? I know I do. I'll give up some steering response for better year round performance, and better ride comfort.

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