Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Bridgestone Potenza RE-11

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Vehicle: 2009 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Coupe
Miles Driven on Tires: 1,000
Location: Northern, NJ
Driving Condition: Track/Autocross
Driving Style: Spirited
Bridgestone Potenza RE-11
Follow-Up Review: 4,000 miles on tires
June 26, 2012
After 18 track days, and virtually no other miles except going to and from the track, here's my assessment. The tires have held up amazingly well through brutal track-use (mostly at Watkins Glen). Treadwear has been significantly better than the PS2's and grip has been much better also. As I've driven more on them, I'd re-emphasize their sensitivity to pressure at the track. On overcast days when the track doesn't get warmed up, they are slow to heat up and feel greasy. As soon as the sun hits the pavement, they come-in quickly. Track-heat pressures for my car are best at around 35 psi all around.<br><br>One caveat, likely because of track use, they've gotten very noisy toward the end of their life. Also, I think there's been a bit of cord-shift as they are slightly out of balance after my last 3 day track event. There is also a rather large split in the tread that goes almost to the cord. But given the abuse I've subjected them to, I think they've held up remarkably well.<br><br>I've been very happy with these tires and would recomment them, but I think for my next set, I might try some Michelin Pilot Super Sports which seem to be rated even better than the RE11's.
Initial Review: 1,000 miles on tires
April 27, 2011

First point - I'm rating the R-11's against Michelin PS2's specifically. I use my car almost exclusively for High Performance Driver Education events with PCA and NASA. I've done 5 track days on them so far and my observations are:

They are VERY sensitive (much more than the PS2s) to tire pressures. Porsche's stock cold pressures are supposed to be 37/44 (F/R). But through experimentation, to get maximum traction, I've found that hot pressures should not exceed 35F and 39R. Depending on ambient and track temps, I would suggest STARTING at 30F and 33R, and working DOWN from there. On hot days, don't be surprised if you have to go down to a cold pressure of 26F and 30R or lower.

They ride a bit harsher than the PS2, but are no noisier, and both the grip and wear so far has been superior to the Michelins'. As a bonus, one of my track days was in the rain, and the R-11's traction was surprisingly good there too. I think this is a much better tire overall to the PS2, and nobody could have convinced me that ANY street tire was better than the PS2. One final bonus -- they're less expensive!

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