Tire Rack Consumer Review of the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza

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Vehicle: 2008 GMC Acadia SLT AWD
Miles Driven on Tires: 10
Location: Sacramento, Ca
Driving Condition: Combined Highway/City
Driving Style: Spirited
Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza
Follow-Up Review: 20,000 miles on tires
February 20, 2013
We are at 20000 miles on this tire already in less than a year and all I can say is these tires will most definitely make to or past the 65000 mile mark. I have been rotating these regularly and the are ---- near new still at 10/32. They come new at 11/32 or either 12/32. Btw, size is 255 55 20. They are not too noisy at all even though Michelin are much quiet but are not offered in this size. My cousin has a Lexus RX330 and has the same exact tires as well as her boyfriend on his tundra with size 275 55 20. They all ride well and quiet. Same with rain and hydroplaning is non existing. Gas mileage on the Acadia has been good still too at 22-23 on the highway and 17 in city even though mine is rated at 16 city. Have not tried snow yet, however, hopefully soon I can test that out. In the rain, I can not loose traction at all. However, I did swerve hard to test stability control and the Acadia's stabilitrak with the dueler hl alenza together clamped down so hard and kept me going the way I wanted to in the rain. I'm crazy. But it is good to know this tires will handle my harsh driving conditions. These tires are stiff when properly inflated and have hard sidewalks which is a good for handling purposes. Still never rides harsh with the stiffness. Great tire, worth the buy. Will last long with proper pressures and rotations with balancing. Very satisfied. I will be buying this tire for my Silverado in a couple months or after summer.
Initial Review: 10 miles on tires
June 27, 2012

I had bought OEM GMC Acadia Denali Rims for my 08 last month and had been on Yokohama yk580 for the last month. Only reason because 255 55 20 was on back order. Well anyways, I convinced the tire place to find some dueler hl alenzas and they did find the dueler hl alenza and now I just got them put on today. The Yokohamas felt horrible and my alignment seemed off from those tires because of some belt on those and they were brand new as well. These bridgestones were immediately way better. They seemed more quiet and they seemed to handle much better around a curve probably due to the stiffer sideway. They are much more stiffer than the yokohama but that is not a bad thing. I rather feel the road slightly. These bridgestones are way smoother than the Yokohamas. Btw, I only drove from the tire shop to home so far but there are curves and super rough roads. I caught myself speeding 80mph on the back roads home and it was beyond smooth. I'm suppose to go to Reno this weekend which is about 150 miles away one way so we shall see gas mileage and how they ride the whole way there and back. I hope to get at least 55000 miles out of these Bridgestone. I will do another review in about 5000 miles.

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