Tire Rack Consumer Review of the BFGoodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2

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Vehicle: 2010 BMW 335i Sedan Sport Package
Miles Driven on Tires: 650
Location: Staten Island, NY
Driving Condition: Combined Highway/City
Driving Style: Spirited
BFGoodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2
Follow-Up Review: 4,200 miles on tires
July 21, 2012
After another 4,200 miles, I could not be happier with the tires. the girlfriend now tells me the tire noise is still noticeable between the same 30-40 mph but now they stay quiet above that.<br><br>one noticeable trait is now that the ambient temperature has warmed up, the ride quality and initial grip on the first few corners to work, the tire is much more useable and responsive.<br><br>wet traction in a 400whp+ 335i is incredible, and its the few tires that the car hooks in 2nd in the wet, this was a welcome surprise.<br><br>a few encounters with standing water has shown that they do not resist to hydroplaning as my all seasons have. however it should be noted that for a dedicated summer tire, it has been fantastic.<br><br>after 3 track days (not truly aggressive however), and a few more runs through the mountains, the tires still seem on track to providing me with about 30-40k miles of use, again, for this tire its impressive.<br><br>a close friend drove my car in the mountains while i was in his e92 335i with pilots, and he said that the steering response into a turn is slightly crisper and i agree. there wasn't an immediately noticeable difference between these except that the pilots warmed up sooner.<br><br>only true down side is that the fat tire look hasnt grown on me just yet.<br><br>overall, i will happily repeat this purchase again.
Initial Review: 650 miles on tires
May 08, 2012

First off, it has to be mentioned that the tire sits fat, my 255 rears sit over the wheel in comparison to my runflats that didnt.

Second, these tires do make a little bit of noise between 25-35, its not deafening, and I might just be sensitive to it, but I swear its there, even though my passengers dont hear it.

Now that they only 2 negatives are out of the way, I can be honest, they are fantastic tires. A long run through Bear mountain on an open diff modified 335i, and these tires performed incredibly. They did understeer twice, but both times they came back very linearly, the same can be said when they oversteered. Compared to the runflats however, these event occurred at much higher levels of grip, and the warnings where much greater. And again, unlike the runflats, grip was lost and regained very quickly and without a snap.

I will say this, the side walls, even though these do sit fat, dont move around or squish like Continentals DW, they simply sit through and grip. They also prove a great turn in response. Having said that, I also think the ride is comfortable for this type of tire, but it is a little rougher than DWs or Pilots, but light years ahead of the runflats.

Its tires like these, that make me unsure why bmw fitted runflats, in every conceivable way, theses are vastly superior tires.

Overall, I think I found my new favorite nontrack tire. I will update when I get them on the track because i am very interested to see how they perform.

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