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Vehicle: 2009 Ford Ranger FX4 Super Cab 4wd
Miles Driven on Tires: 100
Location: Hartville, OH
Driving Condition: Combined Highway/City
Driving Style: Average
BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO
Follow-Up Review: 11,000 miles on tires
October 16, 2013
After putting nearly 11,000 miles on these tires in about a year,I am still pretty happy with them. They have about 70% tread left, still look new, no dry rot or cracks in the tread, no cupping, no excessive noise, etc. I take excellent care of my truck. I make sure I rotate the tires every oil change (3,000 miles) and maintain them at the proper tire pressure. With that being said, I have no shoulder wear, cupping or tire noise. Very even treadwear on all four tires. These tires are excellent in the snow, rain, mud etc. However, my main complaint is how these tires make my truck handle. I'm not going to say a 4x4 Ford Ranger handles well, but these tires have taken nearly all of the cornering ability the truck had before I mounted and balanced these tires on it. If you need to make a quick lane change or sharp turn, the whole front end feels like it plows into the corners softly which feels like front wheel drive understeer. That really is my only complaint. Other than that, I love the tires and would most likely buy them again. I'm hoping to get at least 30,000 miles out of these tires.....so far so good! Thanks!
Initial Review: 100 miles on tires
October 12, 2012

After researching for months and months, I had narrowed my tire choices down to two. The Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor and the BF Goodrich All Terrain K/O. The Goodyear's were a lot better priced than the BFG's and I really liked the sidewall design. However, I had heard from friends/co-workers that the Goodyear's balance out and ride nicely for the first 5,000 miles or so and then become very shaky and noisy from there on out. Although I know not to expect a perfectly quiet ride from aggressive treaded tires, I have a hard time tolerating excessive road noise and imbalance from a set of very, very expensive tires. So, I started looking into the BFG's more closely. I LOVE the fat, white letter walls...always have. I had a set of these on my '95 Cherokee and really enjoyed them. Although at the time, the Goodyear's were $150 cheaper, I decided to go with the BFG's. Boy am I glad about my decision! My 2009 Ford Ranger FX4 originally came with P255/70/R16 tires, but I wanted to upgrade to a larger tire to fill the wheel wells. I decided to go with a LT 265/75/R16. I mounted and balanced them at the car dealership where I work. They all balanced out with less than 2.00 oz of weight. After putting them on the truck for the first time, I couldn't help but grin. They look absolutely stunning. The truck sits higher, and has a very aggressive stance. Even though it's a LT tire, the truck rides only a slight bit rougher, but still very tolerable. The road noise is nearly non-existent, only a slight (almost peaceful haha) hum from the fresh rubber. I am very satisfied with my purchase and plan to keep writing reviews throughout the life of the tire. I hope to get many miles out of these tires! I hope this helps any of you who are thinking about getting a set of these....Do it!!!


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