Tires and Tunes

Tim at the 1990 Bob Bondurant High Performacne Driving SchoolHi! I'm Tim Joines, Director of Internet Business, and have been with Tire  Rack for over 20years. (Photo from my first Driving School in 1990)

I've been a car nut since, well forever. My dad ran the Bendix Test Track when I was born and he would take us for Sunday drives at 130MPH on the banked track. I appreciate both the technical interest and the passion for cars shared by real car enthusiasts.

Music is also top on my list. I'm addicted to iTunes, Pandora, and keep my old CD'S for when iTunes offers higher kbps imports.

Fortunately driving a car and driving a sub-woofer go perfectly together.  Shuffling a playlist while shuffling along a winding road is a nice way to spend a warm summer afternoon.

Tires are a significant factor in adding enjoyment to my drive. Finding tires that meet my driving preference change the way I feel about my car.

My team understands this and we work to offer tools and information on our website to make it easy for you to find the right tires for you. We offer such a large selection because individual driving style and needs dictates what is the best tire to buy.

Start a search and see how we can help you enjoy your daily drive.

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