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When I started selling tires in 1988 they were almost exclusively found in a store and it was difficult to find performance tires.
                                                                                                          (Tire Ad from the 90s)

1990 Tires advertisment for Tire Rack in Car and DriverThe Tire Rack was different. We offered in-depth advice
on the best tires for a customers driving needs and a
large selection (for the time) of performance tires and
wheels. We could also tell customers not just what is
the largest size tire and wheel package, but what is
the best size for their car.

We offered information by phone or in one of our tire
or Autoweek.  As you can see on the right from an ad from the early 1990s space limits the amount of information we could offer up front.

With the rise of the Internet we were able to offer a huge advance in the information about our products.
We started with better photos and details in 1996.

Since then we've added:

-Larger tire photos
-Tire Testing results
-Customer generated tire survey results and reviews
-Full tire specifications 
-Side by side option to compare performance tires
-Original equipment car or truck tires by specific vehicle listing exact tire make and model
-Best selling tires for a car or truck

Our sales specialists are great resources also. After viewing all the tires for sale for your car you still may need more help making a choice. Our tire experts can help you finalize your tire choice quickly and easily. They have driven on a wide selection of the tires we offer on our tire test track and in real world drivingg situations.

Our reps have also spoken with other customers who have owned your car or truck. When you need Honda Accord tires  or Chevrolet Impala tires  or Ford GT or an E36 BMW M3 Lightweight  we can help you make the best tire choice for your driving needs.

The Tire Rack started different than other tire dealers and we continue to work to maintain our leadership in auto Tires and Wheels and in offering the information to help make the right choice in replacement tires.


Friday, July 10, 2009 by Barry Odoms

It's good to see you guys at The Tire Rack have started blogging! Keep up the good work!

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