A (even) Better Way to Buy Tires

Last Thursday we started testing a new version of our on-line tire search.

Our loyal customers who were happy with the way we helped them find tires in the past will have an even better experience now.

We think new tire buyers will simply like what they see.

We have updated the look of the tire search results to allow you to find features such as Tire Tests, Specifications, Customer tire surveys and reviews more easily.

Here are a couple of the details regarding the changes:

We added the Reviewer's Avg Rating to the results so you can more quickly see how other customers  feel about the choices we offer. You can also sort by this rating.

New Arrivals Tab: The most recent tires for your vehicle
Original Equipment Tab: The exact make and model tires installed at the factory
Best Sellers Tab: The most popular tires based on what others have selected for the same make and model car or truck.

New Tire Search Sort By options
Easier Sort Function:
Sort by:
  1. Tire Brand
  2. Lowest Tire Price
  3. Tire Performance Category
  4. Tire Speed Rating
  5. UTQG
  6. Warranty Rating
  7. Reviewer's Average rating
Look for further updates on the new search.

We are displaying the new search to about 1/2 of the site traffic as part of the test so not everyone will see the feature until we are sure it stands up to live traffic use.

Start a search from our front page.

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