Tires and Tunes

Hi! I'm Tim Joines, Director of Internet Business, and have been with Tire  Rack for over 20years. (Photo from my first Driving School in 1990)I've been a car nut since, well forever. My dad ran the Bendix Test Track when I was born and he would take us for Sunday drives at 130MPH on the banked track. I appreciate both the technical interest and the passion...  Read More

Still buying tires after 26 years.

 It is great to hear from happy customers. Especially when they have been with us for 26 years and that we also have the opportunity to help the next generation with their tire and wheel needs. Here is nice feedback from a customer regarding a recent tire purchase: “I have purchased through Tire Rack since the first ad I saw in Car and Driver back around...  Read More

What's my tire size?

When searching for tires for your car or tires for your truck we offer several ways to find the best tires.  I had a question from our recent survey that is an example of the different ways to search for tires. The customer was concerned that he saw fewer tires when he searched for tires by vehicle for his 2003 Chevy Trailblazerthan when he searched by the...  Read More

A (even) Better Way to Buy Tires

Last Thursday we started testing a new version of our on-line tire search. Our loyal customers who were happy with the way we helped them find tires in the past will have an even better experience now. We think new tire buyers will simply like what they see. We have updated the look of the tire search results to allow you to find features such as Tire...  Read More

Sharing Tire Information

When I started selling tires in 1988 they were almost exclusively found in a store and it was difficult to find performance tires.                                                                                                           (Tire Ad from the 90s)The Tire Rack was different. We offered in-depth adviceon the best tires for a customers driving...  Read More