What Is My Tire Size?

With the dynamics of vehicle manufacturing always changing, knowing the tire size on your vehicle isn't always predictable. Manufacturers and customers alike are always changing and customizing the wheels and tires of their vehicles. At Tire Rack, we continue our trek to keep you both updated and well-informed on vehicle fitments. 

Many customers have explained to me that they only knew their tire size based on the information provided on our website. But when ordering tires from Tire Rack, I recommend first that you check your vehicle to see the tire size currently installed before shopping for tires.

Where can I see my tire size?

Sidewall MarkingsYour tire size is on the sidewall of your tires.  (225/50-16 in the graphic at left)

Knowing the installed tire size for your vehicle is one of the most important steps for proper wheel and tire fitment. Once you confirm your tire size, you can easily shop for tires based on your vehicle make, model and year.



Sunday, September 11, 2011 by Ray J Anderson

My 98 GMC 2wheel drive has 30/9.50x15.What size is equivalent and can I go bigger ?

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