Find Your Wheels for Winter

Every year, we all spend a great deal of time in the fall winterizing our homes. For example my mother-in-law spares no time in bringing large pallets of insulation wrap and duct tape to my home for all of my windows. In the same vein, we must also winterize our vehicles.You need winter tires and wheels. If you're like me, you definitely do not want to...  Read More

Begin Winter...Now!

Many consider purchasing only two winter tires for their vehicles. Unless you are matching these winter tires to two other identical tires, mixing tires can become a dangerous combination. Watch the video.Winter tire compounds change every year and have dramatic differences from both all-season tires and other winter tires. Winter rubber compounds, tread...  Read More

Cross Over Into Winter!

A popular winter wheel for sport utility vehicles or crossover utlity vehicles is the moda EB1. This one-piece, low pressure cast, bright silver painted aluminum alloy wheel is among the most popular for SUV performance because of its overall durability and value. As you continue done the path of winterizing you vehicle, start hereat Tire Rack. Winter and...  Read More

Sport Mode Anyone?

After returning two week ago from a trip to the Mid-Ohio School of driving, I arrived with at least one conclusion in my life. While I am not built for speed, I can drive fast. But my induction into fatherhood this year has certainly curbed my appeal to drive fast, but my desire for watching racing and learning apex cornering have remained the same. One of...  Read More

Road Trip?

If you are planning a road trip in the near future, consider updating your tires for a smooth and safe ride!  The All-Season Tire BFGoodrich Advantage T/A is a perfect option. It is a an excellent Grand Touring All-Season tire that provides its drivers with exceptional noise reduction, ride comfort, and long tread life. The BFGoodrich Advantage T/A  brings...  Read More

Ready for Kumho Tires for Your Crossover, SUV or Truck?

Do you need tires for your crossover, SUV, or truck? Tire Rack's customers have their eye on the Kumho Road Venture SAT KL61. This is an On-/Off-Road All-Terrain tire that combines excellent road manners with a tread design that gives the driver exceptional off-road adaptability.   Read More

Gimme a Brake, Hawk!

Tire Rack offers many different automotive products, including brake pads.  Hawk HT-10 Track Only Pads Hawk HPS Street Pads Hawk LTS Truck/SUV Pads Whether you're looking for Hawk HT-10 Track Only Pads for your Porsche 911, or Hawk HPS Street Pads for your Chevy Impala, or a pair of Hawk LTS Truck/SUV Padsfor your Dodge Ram 1500 Quad cab, we have something for...  Read More

Find Your Wheel to Live!

Finding the right wheel for your vehicle can certainly be a challenging experience. We have a large selection of brands that come in many different styles, constructions, and finishes. What aspects of tire and wheel sets are most important to you? Style? Finish? Weight? Warranty?    Many customers ask about the popular Enkei Racing Series RPF1.Available in a ...  Read More

Under Pressure?

It is no secret that today's drivers demand performance from their tires.  Load capacity, traction control and temperature durability are all critical factors when selecting your tires. However, none of these performance aspects matter if you do not maintain the correct tire inflation (PSI) for the tires on your vehicle. Ensuring that you have the correct PSI...  Read More

What Is My Tire Size?

With the dynamics of vehicle manufacturing always changing, knowing the tire size on your vehicle isn't always predictable. Manufacturers and customers alike are always changing and customizing the wheels and tires of their vehicles. At Tire Rack, we continue our trek to keep you both updated and well-informed on vehicle fitments.  Many customers have...  Read More

The Driver Within

I receive an increasing number of phone calls from customers that want to “just drive.” They are looking for inexpensive tires that specialize in handling, cornering, steering, braking and dry and wet traction. I live vicariously through these customers since I am slowly evolving into fatherhood and minivans. For these vehicle applications, I recommend the Du...  Read More

On Tread Life

I would like to talk about the Uniform Tire Quality Grade Standards (UTQG) rating of a tire. When created by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), UTQG ratings were meant to give tire buyers a tangible interpretation of a tire's tread life expectancy, overall traction performance and temperature capabilities. While not an exact science,...  Read More

Revolutionizing the Way You Buy Tires

At Tire Rack, it is no secret that we provide extensive online research, consumer reviews, and tire test results. Customers often select tires based on one feature, but like the layers of an onion, tires have many characteristics. Let's see if we can help simplify your tire buying experience. Before you cruise our website, double check the tire size on your...  Read More

Mixing and Matching Tires

For this week's column, I would like to talk about replacing just one tire for your vehicle, i.e. the "One Tire Syndrome." At Tire Rack, we always recommend to replace all four of your tires at a time so as to meet your vehicle's Original Equipment specifications. If you are matching one tire with your existing three tires that have close-to-new tread life,...  Read More

We Test Drive

At Tire Rack, our advice involves the entirety of the automotive experience. Sales specialists receive continuing product education and participate in test driving experiences. Recently I had the opportunity to drive and compare the Firestone Precision Sport, Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S, Yokohama AVID ENVigor, and Sumitomo HTR A/S P01 tires side-by-side.I...  Read More

Experience Summer

Summer tires are designed specifically for warm weather, and not intended for cold weather, i.e. snow and or ice driving. At Tire Rack, we offer many different brands of Summer Tires that deliver driving excellence in both dry and wet weather regarding handling, cornering, steering, and braking.And they rank well in our survey results, too. Take a look at...  Read More

How We Measure Tires

Here at Tire Rack, we measure, test, and recommend tires to our customers every day. The great quality of Tire Rack is that we have surveys on all of our tires. On our test track, we drive to compare "like" to "like" tires within the same survey category. For example, we only compare Ultra-Performance High Season vs. Ultra-High Performance All-Season, not ...  Read More

Finding the Right Tires

Selecting the right tires for your vehicle can be a challenging experience. In this economy, it is no secret that we seek value for our money. We offer many different brands designed to fit your every need.Which tire characteristics are most important to you? Comfortable ride? Tread life? At Tire Rack, we have consumer surveys on most every tire that we...  Read More