Replace Brake Pads with Hawk

I recently upgraded my wife's GMC Envoy to larger 20" tires and wheels (SUVrims). And while everything initially looked great, I found the vehicle was in need of brake pad replacements. Turns out the new wheels I installed were much heavier than the original 17" wheels and the change (along with wider and heavier tires) were too much for the stock brake pads...  Read More

G2 Brake caliper paint for your brake calipers.

Are you looking for a simple and inexpensive way to improve the appearance of your car or your SUVRims? Look no further than The G-2 Brake Caliper PaintSystem set It is more than just a can of spray paint! This kit includes everything you need to add a high-performance look to your brake calipers and rear drums.  Each kit includes: 1 (14 oz.) aerosol can...  Read More

New Truck and SUVRims Available at Tire Rack

One of the largest classes of new Rims has arrived at Tire Rack allowing us to offer over 40 brands and over 500 models of rims -- all searchable by vehicle. Yes, that's right. Tire Rack has taken the guesswork out of the fitment equation. We know the rim offset and fitment for each truck or SUV. We also offer the tires for you as well. Select a Rim and tire...  Read More

Looking for SUV rims? Go Platinum.

We recently added Platinum Wheels to our list of premium aftermarket wheel brands. Produced by Ultra Wheel Company, these car and SUVrims will enhance the style and improve the performance of your vehicle.Three styles—Apex, Saber and Widow—come in a variety of different finishes. Choose from hyper black with a machined lip, chrome plated or black with a...  Read More

Best-Selling Truck Wheels

There are a number of performance and aesthetic benefits to installing aftermarket wheels on passenger vehicles—and those same benefits extend to trucks, too. Even SUVs. Aftermarket truck wheels reduce weight, improve acceleration and braking, add rigidity and increase the brake cooling process.And they look darn cool, too. Check out these best-selling...  Read More