Introducing the New Dunlop Direzza ZII

New forDunlop Direzza ZII 2013, Dunlop has released their latest Extreme Performance Summer tire, the Direzza ZII. This tire is replacing the ever popular Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec. Testing of this tire is scheduled for spring, but from our time with the tire during our introductory track drive, we saw the tire offer better dry traction than its predecessor. From the initial look of the tire, it has fewer circumferential grooves and directional sweeping treads, along with larger shoulder blocks - thus promoting better dry traction and improved stability in cornering.

The Direzza ZII features Dunlop’s True Circle Profile that distributes tire deflection forces along the sidewall to provide more control by better communicating tire performance limits to the driver. Its internal structure includes JointLess Band (JLB) Technology that spirally winds polyamide cord over the two wide steel belts to promote strength, uniform ride quality and high-speed capability. Two-ply polyester sidewalls help resist lateral deflection to provide responsive handling and cornering stability.

With 27 sizes expected to arrive for race season, get the Dunlop Direzza ZII and beat your competition.

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