Introducing the Michelin Defender

Michelin DefenderRecently, Michelin introduced the Defender, a new Standard Touring All-Season tire. From what we have experienced in the past from Michelin, we expect this tire to be an excellent option for many drivers. This tire is replacing their HydroEdge with Green X and Harmony tires.

Michelin says this tire will help defend you from the effects of high fuel costs, protect you with shorter braking distances and will last longer, thus protecting your investment in new tires.

According to Michelin, the Defender has a 22% improvement in rolling resistance and a 16% improvement in wet braking over the Michelin Harmony. The Defender features Michelin's new IntelliSipe Technology which helps stabilize the tread block design during acceleration, braking and cornering. It also increases the number of sipes in the tread, resulting in greater grip in braking. The tire also features an interlocking action that creates a more rigid tread block and reduces tread depth without sacrificing safety, longevity or fuel efficiency.          

With most sizes meeting Michelin's Green-X low rolling resistance objectives, the Defender tire is designed to provide comfortable driving characteristics and all-season traction in dry, wet and wintry conditions while offering an option that's environmentally friendly. For more information on this fuel-efficient tire, read "Michelin Green X."

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