Get a Grip with Michelin X-Ice Xi2 Winter Tires

Michelin Tires
Two years ago the Michelin Man came out with the Michelin X-Ice Xi2. After a few seasons it has certainly proven itself to be one of the best winter tires we offer, even giving the ever popular Bridgestone Blizzak some serious competition for best in category.

Recently I had the chance to drive on them in the middle of summer on the roads and on an ice hockey rink. The Michelin behaved and drove very well on dry pavement, offering good handling with moderate road noise. Once we got on the ice I was very impressed with its acceleration, cornering and braking on what would be the worst conditions a driver should ever encounter -- glare ice.

Michelin X-Ice Xi2Upon closer inspection, these tires are heavily siped with a soft and pliable rubber compound for excellent grip on ice and packed snow. It has an effective directional tread design which will help in the slush.

Perfect for someone in the Northeast or Upper Midwest, the X-Ice Xi2 is a perfect choice for the Honda Accord and Civic, Mazda3 and 6, and Toyota Camry, as well as for Chrysler Town and Country minivans.

Just remember: always install winter tires in sets of four.

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