General AltiMAX HP vs. RT

General is a great brand that offers terrific value and has been a subsidiary of Continental Tire for many years. Often, when I talk to customers about their products, I am asked what's the difference between General's AltiMAX HP and AltiMAX RT?

The AltiMAX HP is General's flagship Grand Touring All-Season tire. This tire will offer a slightly more comfortable ride, have better handling and responsiveness, as well as offer a little bit better winter traction over the AltiMAX RT. They are offered with a 55,000-mile treadlife warranty for the H-speed rated version and a 40,000-mile treadlife warranty for the V-speed rated version. AltiMAX HP tires feature General's Replacement Tire Monitor (RTM) branding. Similar in purpose to federally mandated treadwear bars required to run across the tread pattern, RTM consists of the words "Replacement Tire Monitor" branded into the center rib of new tires. As the tires wear down to 2/32" of remaining tread depth (the legal minimum in most states), the visible branding reads "Replace Tire" to confirm the tires need to be replaced based on wear.

General's AltiMAX RT is a Standard Touring All-Season tire. The primary advantage to this tire is its treadlife. It's offered with a 70,000-mile treadlife warranty and is only available in a T-speed rating. Some drivers prefer this tire as it is made in some smaller and hard-to-find sizes.

General Altimax HP
General AltiMAX HP
General Altimax RT
General AltiMAX RT

Research all General tires available for your vehicle and see if one is right for how and where you drive.

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