General AltiMAX HP Tire

General AltiMAX HPLast week I had to borrow my mother's car while mine was in the shop. Not too long ago I had the General AltiMAX HP installed on her VW Jetta. I thought this was a good opportunity to really find out what these Grand Touring All-Season tires are made of.

We recently had a rather large snow storm which deposited several inches of snow on the ground. I normally drive on winter / snow tires this time of year, so my expectations were a little low. To my surprise these tires held up quite well in the snow and wet. I did hit a patch of ice, which was challenging, but that's where the huge advantage comes from a winter / snow tire versus an all-season tire.

On the highway, they create a little road noise, but insulate the sounds as they traveled over the bumps and cracks along the way. Overall I have to say that I continue to be impressed with this tire and will continue to recommend it as an excellent value.

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