Winter Wheel Decision Guide

So you have already made the fantastic decision to run a set of dedicated winter wheels and tires. The question remains however, how do I select a wheel that will perform well during the winter months?   

When it comes to winter wheels, you want to avoid chrome, polished and some machined accent wheels as they tend to be susceptible to damage from the weather as well as snow and ice melt chemicals. The image below is a clear illustration of why the above finishes are to be avoided. The owner of this wheel found out the hard way how harsh winter weather can be when using a non-winter wheels.


We find that the most robust wheels come with painted finishes. In addition to a painted finished, it is advisable to select a wheel with a more open design, such as a classic five-spoke like the Sport Edition F11 or MSW Type 14. The open designs allow for easier cleaning and clearing of snow and ice buildup, which can cause annoying vibration. Shop by vehicle to see what winter wheels are a fit for your application.

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