Tires for Your Daily Driver

Sometimes all we need is basic transportation - a way to get to work and then back home again. When it comes to simple driving, it is easy to forgo some features in exchange for reliability. One feature that should not be forgotten is tires. This is not to say that you need to break the bank, but arguably the most important safety feature on your vehicle is your set of tires.

Often one the lowest cost options in a given size, the Fuzion Touring, made by parent company Bridgestone, has proven a popular and capable budget oriented tire. Combining a quiet and comfortable ride with a five-year, 55,000-mile warranty (T-rated only) and five-year, 40,000-mile warranty (V- and H-rated), the Fuzion is worth a look.

In a similar vein to the Fuzion, the Sumitomo Touring LS T is a top-budget performer, but with a longer lifespan with its six-year, 65,000-mile warranty for T-rated tires and a six-year, 55,000-mile warranty for the H- and V-rated options.

If your driving style tends to be towards the more aggressive side but with the need for all-season traction, check out one of the best all-season performance values in the Kumho Ecsta 4X II. The 4X II has become a customer favorite with excellent dry/wet grip and sharp steering response. Additionally, the 4X II has a versatile asymmetric tread design which allows for full rotation, to maximize treadlife. To read more, take a look at our full test report, "Motion vs. Progress: Does New Equal Better in Ultra High Performance All-Season Tires?"

Shop by vehicle to see if the above options are a fit for your application.

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