Set Your Tesla Apart with 21" BBS Wheels

I spend much of my time pining for the launch of the Model 3 and being supremely jealous of Model S owners. A technological marvel that is sophisticated and stylish, the Model S is difficult to improve upon. Difficult, but not impossible.

Aftermarket wheels are a great way to set your Tesla apart from the others without ruining its understated good looks. While the Original Equipment wheel options match the Model S quite well, there is room to inject a little personality. For those with the desire to add just the right amount of excitement into their Model S, BBS recently introduced the CH-R II in 21" diameter. Like the Model S itself, the CH-R II conveys a sense of purposeful strength and elegance.

Tesla owners tend to be a meticulous breed and BBS aimed to satisfy this nature when designing a fitment for the Model S. Manufactured in Germany, the CH-R II is hub centric for the Tesla, meaning it will require no centering rings, essentially eliminating any possibility of vibration. To increase strength and resistance to pothole damage, designers forwent a traditional gravity casting in favor of a pressure cast and flow formed wheel. As icing on the proverbial cake, the CH-R II will also accept the Original Equipment center cap, helping to maintain a subtle and tasteful O.E. look. 



The CH-R II is available in two durable finishes, black with polished stainless lip and matte grey with polished stainless lip. Both square (same width all the way around) and staggered (wider rear wheels) set-ups are available: 21x9" all around or 21x9" front and 21x9.5" rear.                            

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