New Lightweight Track Wheel from MOTEGI RACING

Anyone who has spent a Saturday at an autocross event or a road course knows that lighter is better. Lighter is especially better when referring to unsprung weight. Unsprung weight is anything not supported by the suspension of your vehicle such as wheels, tires and brakes. As one of the best bang-for-your-buck upgrades, a set of dedicated lightweight track wheels and tires can improve your vehicle's acceleration, braking cornering, as well as visual appeal.

MOTEGI RACING, a name very familiar to motorsports enthusiasts, has released a lightweight and affordable wheel for those wanting to shave pounds from their car and time from their runs. The MR131 Traklite is available in fitments for the Mazda MX-5 Miata, Honda Civic, Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ, Subaru WRX, Volkswagen GTI, Ford Mustang and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution in black, bronze and silver finishes. 17x7 fitments average about 17.1 lbs, while the 17x8 option about 17.4 lbs. The 18x8 fitments average about 18.5 lbs. and the 18x9 wheels at approximately 19.2 lbs. With fitments starting at $169* each, the Traklite is an extremely attractive option for your days at the track.

Available fitments:

  • 17x7   5-114 ET45
  • 17x7   5-100 ET45
  • 17x7   5-112 ET45
  • 17x8   5-114 ET40
  • 17x8   5-112 ET40
  • 18x8   5-114 ET45
  • 18x8   5-100 ET45
  • 18x9   5-114 ET35

Shop by vehicle to see if the MOTEGI RACING MR131 Traklite is available for your application.

*Prices subject to change

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