The 1968 Chevrolet Rally Sport Camaro Was My #FirstCarMoment

Most everyone views their first car through rose colored glasses. No matter the mechanical gremlins or dents and dings, we still have a soft spot for our first ride. I am no different and loved my #FirstCarMoment. In fact, I am lucky enough to still own it to this day.  

Growing up, I had dreams of a big V-8, loud exhaust and manual transmission, however my parents had different ideas. My parent's idea of a good car for me was a low mileage, automatic four-cylinder Dodge Charger. The vehicle was in great shape, but I was visibly disappointed when they took me to look at their find.

By a stroke of incredible luck or divine intervention, on his way to work one morning, my dad ran across a 1968 Chevrolet Rally Sport Camaro. The Camaro was not perfect, but in good shape and was reasonably priced and ran well. As a snotty and ungrateful teenager, I liked the car, but was disappointed in the 327 with two barrel carburetor. Luckily my parents didn't disown me and went about freshening the car with a rebuild, including some performance upgrades, such as a four-barrel carb, aluminum intake, more aggressive cam shaft, 2.02 heads, headers and a two-chamber exhaust. The wisdom of giving a 400hp Camaro to a 16-year-old is certainly questionable, but thankfully I was pretty responsible and didn't crumple any part of my beloved muscle car. Through my years of high school and college I enjoyed driving my Camaro on dates, to senior prom, to Friday night football games and pep rallies. The best times though were spent simply cruising down country roads on summer evenings, listening to classic rock with the windows down. I will keep the Camaro forever and the memories just as long. 

What's your #FirstCarMoment?

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