Lightweight Wheels for Your Nissan GT-R

BBS RI (Diamond Black Painted)20" wheels are heavy. As we know, weight is the enemy of performance and it is especially marked in the form of unsprung weight. Unsprung weight is everything not supported by your vehicle's suspension like your wheels, tires and brakes. Decreasing unsprung weight will make your vehicle brake, corner and accelerate more efficiently. Opinions vary, but a general rule of thumb states that every pound of unsprung weight is equivalent to 10 pounds of weight inside the vehicle. While decent looking and relatively light for an Original Equipment wheel, the O.E. wheels for the GT-R, depending on your model, weigh between 22 and 27 lbs. each. The problem is, the GT-R just looks right with 20s, so what can we do to maintain or improve the look and still decrease unsprung weight? BBS has the answer!

Weighing in at only 19.3 lbs. for the 20x10" fronts and 20.0 lbs. for the 20x11" rears, the BBS RI is the lightest wheel we offer for the GT-R in any diameter. Not only is it light, but with one-piece forged aluminum construction, it is extremely strong. With a little math, we can see a best case scenario of saving 7.7 pounds per corner. If you use our rule of thumb from above, this equates to 77 pounds, and multiplied by four, we arrive at 308 pounds total. If we look at a worst case scenario, we have a two pound saving per corner. Utilizing our rule again, we end up at a minimum net of 80 pounds.

If you refuse to compromise the look of your GT-R but still want the added benefits of a lightweight wheel, the BBS RI is what you are looking for.

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