KONI's FSD Damper Set Can Do It All

When customers call in to Tire Rack for advice on parts, we always ask qualifying questions to focus our suggestions on the customer's wants and needs. For example, when selling tires, we will ask the customer what characteristics are most important to them, i.e. ride comfort, steering response, dry traction, longevity, etc. Very often, the initial response is, "all of the above." In most every instance, there are some trade-offs to be made.  

When selling suspension components we run into the same kind of scenario, the customer wants a suspension that does it all and provides a smooth, comfortable ride as well as makes the vehicle handle like its on rails. Luckily, when it comes to suspension, the KONI FSD Damper Set can produce that excellent ride quality with improved handling.

FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) is a Formula One derived technology for street use. By manipulating the flow of oil through the dampers' valving, KONI is able to provide confidence-inspiring and responsive handling with composed negotiation of uneven pavement. Many modern cars rely on complicated, bulky, heavy and expensive computer controlled suspension systems to achieve similar results. Outside of the obvious seat-of-the-pants benefit the FSD kit provides, the beauty of the system lies in its simplicity.

To learn more about the KONI FSD Damper Set, read "KONI FSD Dampers Improve Handling Without the Traditional Sacrifice in Ride Quality."

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