Do Snow Tires Make a Difference?

Snow tires make a difference! Not only do they make a difference, they make an enormous difference. In fact, in scenarios where inches can mean the difference between just a close call and a life threatening collision, the difference they make cannot be overstated.  

When is comes to snow and ice traction, even the most capable all-season tire will pale in comparison to a dedicated winter tire. In combined acceleration and braking distance (0-12 mph and 20-0 mph), as a part of our most recent winter tests, the best of the all-season crowd was the Continental TrueContact which managed 118.6 feet. However, the least impressive of the dedicated snow tires, the Dunlop Winter Maxx, proved significantly better with a total of 103.4 feet. In a game of inches, the difference here is 15.2 feet. For a recap of our test, take a look at the results here

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