Continental's WinterContact SI Enters the Starting Lineup

In "Winter is Coming: What Winter Tire is Best For You? Part 1", we discussed some of the best options in the Studless Ice & Snow category. Two of the best tires in the category are offerings from Bridgestone and Michelin. No other manufacturers were really able to compete with these two juggernauts for snow and ice traction, leaving a distinct second tier.  

As we all know, things change and time marches on. Continental has been inching ever closer, year after year to equal the capabilities of the Blizzak and X-Ice line. With their newest entry into the Studless Ice & Snow category, the WinterContact SI, they are closer than they have ever been and can now be considered one of the elite. With snow and ice traction to easily compete with all comers and a more attractive price point in most sizes, the WinterContact SI dramatically improved Continental's status. To learn more, take a look at our complete test results by reading, "Ice Traction Test: The Latest and Greatest Studless Ice & Snow Tires Face Off."

Continental's winter offering has come of age and is ready for prime time! To see if the WinterContact SI is available for you application, shop by vehicle.

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