Best Performance Summer Tire Values

Many of us are bargain shoppers. We're always on the lookout to get the most for our dollar. This is the case when it comes to shopping for tires. We want the best tire for the best prices. Take a look at the following options when you're shopping for a new set of tires this summer.

Extreme Performance Summer

Hankook's Ventus R-S3 (Version 2) has proven to be a strong performer and a favorite with autocrossers around the country. It offers a great combination of excellent lateral grip, responsiveness and price. For a recap of our test of this tire, read "Testing Extreme Performance Summer Tires: How Well Can They Handle the Extreme?"

Max Performance Summer

The Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position launched at the same time as the vaunted Michelin Pilot Super Sport and did not receive near the same attention as its Michelin counterpart. However, the Bridgestone tire provides shockingly similar performance to the Super Sport at a much lower price point in most sizes. This one is definitely worth a look! To view how the tire performed in our tests, take a look at "Testing Max Performance Summer Tires: In Search of What Fits Your Needs."

Ultra High Performance Summer

BFGoodrich's g-Force Sport COMP-2 provides grip and responsiveness with broad size availability. The tire is a great performance value for those who want summer tire grip, but better longevity than a Max Performance Summer option. The COMP-2 does suffer a bit from an increased amount of tread noise compared to other options in the category. See our full test report by reading "Testing Ultra High Performance Summer Tires: New Shoes for Your Sporty Car."

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