Store Tires the Right Way

With the wall-mounted Tire Storage Rack you can store your tires and wheels properly and out of the way! This heavy-duty, yet economical rack is made of steel and has a durable black painted finish. The rack can vertically store four tires and wheels with up to a 52" capacity, while holding a maximum of 400 pounds.   Visit our website or contact a sales...  Read More

Check Those Tire Pressures!

It's recommended that you check your tire pressures on a regular basis to help your vehicle deliver the highest possible fuel economy and longest tire life. Tire Rack features Accutire digital air gauges to make it a snap to check your tire pressures. Some of the more popular models are shown below. Digital Set Point Programmable Air Gauge w/Light Digital...  Read More

Tire Rack Videos

Visit the Tire Rack Video Center for your opportunity to view over 50 videos about tires, wheels, suspension, motorsports, and driving schools. You can even take a commercial break and watch or TV ads.Our videos provide specific information on tire testing by category, panic stopping, winter driving on snow and ice, performance suspension products,...  Read More

Braille Batteries: Lightweight Power for Your Race Car

Braille batteries available at Tire Rack were developed to provide demanding drivers the power they need in a smaller, lighter package for both race and street applications. Braille batteries provide the highest energy-to-weight ratio of any sealed lead acid battery available today. When speed counts, weight is the enemy, so when selecting a Braille battery...  Read More

Contact Patch?

Contact patch, two little words that represent a major impact on your vehicle's performance and your safety. A tire's contact patch or as it is often called, the tire's footprint, is normally not much bigger than your hand and often smaller than a professional sport player's shoes, yet, it's the only connection between you and the road!In wet, dry, or snowy...  Read More

How Can I Tell How Old My Tires Are?

How can I tell how old my tires are? The good news: it's very easy to find out! On the sidewall of your tire you will see a DOT Identification Number and the last four digits of the number will reveal the week and year that the tire was actually built.Example: Post-2000 Production Tire This tire was manufactured during the 51st week of 2007 (LMLR5107).Example...  Read More

Where to Install New Pairs of Tires

One of the most frequent questions we hear is, “Where do I install my two new tires?" and the answer is, “On the rear, on the rear, on the rear!”Whether you have a front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive or an all-wheel drive car, install your pair of new tires on the rear! The only real exception to this could be a vehicle that has a staggered...  Read More

Storing Your Tires the Right Way!

Questions about how to store your tires come up almost daily at Tire Rack aand we have several helpful tips and products to help extend the life of your tires!Before storing, clean each tire with soap and water and let them air dry thoroughly. Do not apply tire dressings. Place your tires in an opaque plastic lawn, garden or garbage type bag. Close tightly...  Read More

Need low dust break pads? Try ceramics!

If you are looking to upgrade your Original Equipment semi-metallic or organic brake pads with a pad that offers smooth, quiet, braking with lower dust output, ceramic pads may just be the answer! Unless your vehicle was equipped with ceramic pads from the factory, you likely notice your wheels are covered with dust within a day or two after washing them -...  Read More

Breaking In Your New Tires

A question we often get from our customers is, “Do I need to break in my new tires?" The answer is yes! It is highly recommended that you follow a break-in procedure whenever you purchase a new set of tires.Easy cornering, braking, and acceleration for the first five hundred miles usually works best. Braking in your new tires this way allows the various...  Read More

Let Hella Light The Way!

Hella's replacement Headlight, Accessory, and Lightning Kits available from Tire Rack are a great and inexpensive way to upgrade your vehicle's appearance and improve your nighttime driving experience! I personally have the Hella High Performance headlight bulbs in all of my vehicles and I am very pleased with their performance. With their brighter, whiter...  Read More

The Race is Over at Indy but it's Still Time For Firestone Tires!

Firehawk Wide Oval Indy 500: Your tire choice if you are looking for a High Performance Summer only tire with a great blend of wet and dry traction and above average handling!  Firehawk GT: Your tire choice if you are looking for an High Performance All-Season tire with light snow capability for you sport sedan or coupe! Firehawk Indy 500: Your tire choice...  Read More

Your New Wheel & Tire Owner's Manual

Whether you purchased ASA, BBS, O.Z., or any of the other wheel brands we represent and it's time to install your new tires and wheels, you more than likely have several questions and we have the answers! Let Tire Rack show you the way with our Tire & Wheel Owner's Manual available for download at This manual covers Tire/Wheel...  Read More

Tire Rack Customer Survey Glossary of Terms

One of the most common questions I get from customers new to Tire Rack is "what do each of the Tire Survey Results rating categories mean?" So, I thought I would take a minute to help clear this up!  Dry Traction This is an indication of the tire's ability to corner, brake, and grip during acceleration under dry road conditions. Wet TractionThis is an...  Read More

Looking for an Option to a Conventional Spare Tire?

Are you replacing your run-flat tires with conventional tires and looking for an option to a full-size or compact spare? Look no further, just check out the Continental ContiComfortKit available at Tire Rack. The Continental tire company has developed this product specifically for this application. The Continental ContiComfortKit is a powerful,...  Read More

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems On After Market Wheels

As a Tire Rack retail sales representative, one of the most common questions I have is "If my vehicle came from the factory with a direct Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and I am going to use aftermarket wheels, what options do I have regarding the TPMS?" It boils down to the following three choices:1) If you would like to continue the functionally of...  Read More