My Review of Dunlop Winter Sport 3D


I would like to share my thoughts on a tire I have now enjoyed for a couple of years. Are you looking for a winter solution for your sports coupe or sedan? Then I believe this Dunlop Winter tire is worth serious consideration.

SP Winter Sport 3D

Additonal Information and Test Results

I expected this tire to be good in the snow which it is. My vehicle feels very stable in 4-5 inches of snow. I wish it was slightly improved on ice, but much better than any all season tire. I was really impressed by the way this tire is able to evacuate slush. Its also excellent in rain as I am able to drive the freeway in a hard rain without feeling like the tire will hydroplane. I have shocked by the tread-wear. These tires have worn very well as a snow tire. I would guess I will get 5 seasons of winter driving.

Snow tire have lots of small grooves in the tread blocks called sipes. Another feature of this tire is that it uses 3 Dimensional sipes. The Benefit of this is that during low speed the sipes are open which help to provide biting edges for maximum grip in the snow. In dry conditions the 3D sipes lock together to provide superior dry road handling. This allows me the best of both worlds in dry and snow.

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