General Grabber HTS for Your Truck or SUV

Looking for a tire for your SUV or truck? The General Grabber HTS is worth serious consideration. This tire offers DuraGen Technology which uses ultra high strength steel belts, micro-fiber casing reinforcements, and a broad tire contour. This provides even treadwear for long mileage and confidence in challenging conditions. The tire uses three kinds of siping for excellent all-season capability. It uses tread cushioning and noise capturing pockets for a very comfortable ride without sacrificing handling response. Fuel economy has been improved with 15% lower rolling resistance when compared to previous generation General tires.

This isn't just fancy tire marketing. See how the tire ranks with our customers in our consumer reviews. Also check out the testing we did on this tire. As you can see the tire is very popular and comes in a price that won't break the bank. What's not to like?

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