Bridgestone Blizzak Snow Tires: Why I Personally Recommend Them

Are you looking for the best snow and ice tire? If so, look to Bridgestone Blizzaks. They are probably the most popular-selling winter tire and for good reason.

What makes the Blizzak such a popular tire? They have three important attributes that offer Traction, Control and Confidence.

#1 Tread Depth

Why doesn't a race slick work well in the snow? One reason is tread depth. Where most all-season tires and summer tires start at 10/32nds or less, most of the Blizzak snow tires start at 12/32nds or more. This helps provide traction in the deep snow. Read Tread Depth: Why Too Little is Never Enough.

#2 Tread Design

A winter / snow tire has many zig-zag cuts in the tread blocks called sipes. These sipes open up to give the tire lots of biting edges on packed snow and ice. Also, the tread is designed in a way to evacuate snow, slush and water.

#3 Tread Compound

An all-season tire has a compound that is designed to work in a wide variety of temperatures, but they harden up as the temperatures get colder. The Blizzaks stay soft and pliable to maintain high levels of grip in extreme cold. Most Blizzaks also us a Multi-Cell Comound to wick away water for better traction. Metallic Bite Particles are also added to claw and scrape on the ice.

In the winter would you like to stop faster, turn with more confidence and not worry about getting stuck in the white stuff? I do and this is why I recommend Bridgestone Blizzak winter / snow tires to a good majority of customers.

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