Bridgestone Blizzak Snow Tires: Why I Personally Recommend Them

Are you looking for the best snow and ice tire? If so, look to Bridgestone Blizzaks. They are probably the most popular-selling winter tire and for good reason. What makes the Blizzak such a popular tire? They have three important attributes that offer Traction, Control and Confidence.#1 Tread DepthWhy doesn't a race slick work well in the snow? One reason...  Read More

Enkei Wheels - Improve the Stance of Your Car and Give It an Updated Look

"What is a popular wheel that would be a good choice for my car?" Enkei Wheels are one of are most popular options. Why? All Enkei Performance Series wheels deliver the latest in wheel designs and alloy casting processes from their high-tech manufacturing facilities. Their testing meets Japan's JWL and VIA strength test standards and represents Enkei's...  Read More

Do you have lowering springs and need to buy shock absorbers?

Do you already have lowering spring or are planning to get them and are confused about what shock absorbers to get? This can be confusing with so may choices out there. I recommend the KONI Sport Shocks. 1. KONI Sport Shocks are adjustable. You can adjust the damper for the amount of rebounding damping that you want. This allows you to change the handling...  Read More

Winter Wheels & Winter Tires for Your Vehicle Made Easy

I talk to a lot of customers who have a sports car equipped with summer tires, but they need to drive their vehicle year round. These sports cars also have tires in a wider size that hurt winter driving performance. I always suggest an affordable wheel and tire package for winter, downsizing the wheel and tire whenever possible. By downsizing, you get a...  Read More

Looking to replace your brake rotors? Take a look at DBA 4000 Series rotors.

What makes the DBA (Disc Brakes Australia) rotors special? Hard braking that is done during repeated stopping on the street or the track builds a lot of heat into the rotor. This can cause brake fade and the rotors to eventually warp. Heat is the number one enemy of rotors and brakes. DBA brake rotors combat heat with a unique design called the Kangaroo Paw. T...  Read More

Lightweight Rims for your Mazda Miata

Looking to increase the performance of your 1989-2005 Mazda Miata? The TRMotorsports C1M wheel has been a favorite of autocross and track day enthusiasts. This wheel comes in a 4x100 bolt pattern, 30 mm offset and 15x7 in a Miata-specific center bore. They only weigh 13.2lbs – which is important because keeping the unsprung weight down improves ride as well...  Read More

Hawk Brake Pads for Your Performance Car

Are your brakes a little tired? Looking for high performance pads for your sports car? Try the brake pads that I always use: Hawk Performance Ceramic Pads. Hawk Performance is the Original Equipment recommended performance brake pad upgrade for Chevrolet Corvettes and is an accessory performance brake pad supplier for Mazda, Nissan and Hyundai. They also...  Read More

How to improve the handling of your sports car. Hotchkis and Tire Rack can help.

How to improve the handling of your sports car. Hotchkis and Tire Rack can help. There are some common ways to improve the handling of your sports car. Wheels and tires, upgraded shocks and springs, performance alignment and proper air pressure all play an important role in your car’s handling performance.This is one of my favorite modifications to improve...  Read More

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus Tires for Your Sports Car

The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus - All-weather performance.Michelin's TriFusion Compound molds three different tire compounds across the tread face of the Pilot Sport A/S Plus for all-weather performance via Michelin's C3M tire manufacturing process. The tire's directional tread pattern and wet-weather compound combine for confident wet-weather control....  Read More

Looking to upgrade your car's suspension? Tire Rack and KW give you options.

KW Suspensions offers 3 different models of their Variant coilover suspensions utilizing "inox-line" stainless technology. Enthusiasts are able to select from the V1,V2 & V3. Coilover suspension kits combine springs and shocks tuned to compliment one another so you see greater performance gains than with separate shocks and springs.Variant 1 - Spirited and...  Read More

General Grabber HTS for Your Truck or SUV

Looking for a tire for your SUV or truck? The General Grabber HTS is worth serious consideration. This tire offers DuraGen Technology which uses ultra high strength steel belts, micro-fiber casing reinforcements, and a broad tire contour. This provides even treadwear for long mileage and confidence in challenging conditions. The tire uses three kinds of...  Read More

OZ Wheels

What wheels do I drive on and why? The O.Z. Racing wheels. I do some autocross, drag and track racing as a hobby. I needed a wheel that would meet the high stress demands and still work great on the street. The OZ wheels are strong and reliable and lighter weight for more performance. O.Z. has been making wheels since 1971 and not only makes wheels for...  Read More

Buying Tires, Selection, Service, Price and the Experts

Why buy tires at Tire Rack? Tire Rack started in 1979 and has continued to grow. Many customers look to Tire Rack to get the knowledge to make an informed decision on their purchase. We also stock many of the leading brands like BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Continental, Dick Cepek, Dunlop, Firestone, Fuzion, General, Goodyear, Hankook, Hoosier Kumho, Michelin,...  Read More

Subaru WRX Tire for the Hardcore Driving Enthusiast

I recently purchased some new Subaru tires for my 04 Impreza WRX. After lots of consideration the tire I chose was the new Bridgestone Potenze RE-11 Extreme Performance Summer tire. I wanted to share some of my driving impressions. Initially I was a little worried about getting this tire for my daily driver. I was afraid that it may prove to be too rough on a...  Read More

My Review of Dunlop Winter Sport 3D

I would like to share my thoughts on a tire I have now enjoyed for a couple of years. Are you looking for a winter solution for your sports coupe or sedan? Then I believe this Dunlop Winter tire is worth serious consideration. Additonal Information and Test ResultsI expected this tire to be good in the snow which it is. My vehicle feels very stable in 4-5...  Read More