Yo - I love those Yokohamas especially at $69 plus shipping for 245/45-17

With all the snow we're getting, it's hard to believe spring time, fast cars and summer tires are only a few months away.

Do you want to defy Mother Nature and get a jump on summer?

Consider the close-out special on the discontinued 245/45-17 Yokohama AVS ES100's.

Strengths: Good dry traction, hydroplaning resistance and handling predictability, great deal as they were originally $131.

Average areas: Not the quietest, the tire is being discontinued so getting a replacement may be difficult.

Note also that this is an Ultra High Performance Summer tire so don’t even consider driving it on snow or ice covered roads.

Please note supply is limited and these are DOT Date Code 2006 tires. Since the tires have been stored properly, the tires are still  in new condition.

Don't the let old man winter keep you down.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014 by al

i m looking for 245/40-17.
2 pcs.
Wednesday, September 3, 2014 by cy

Al, we've sold out of the above Yokohamas. We're closing out the Hankook K110's see:


but 245/40-17's are already sold out. Thanks. Cy.

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