Who are you? Who, who...

So who exactly is Tire Rack?  

We’re really just a big family company that started out like any other small business. 

In 1979, Mike Joines, current president and one of our key founders, needed performance tires for his Opel and nobody had them. An unfulfilled need? A can-do guy? Sounds like the beginning of a great American business story.

So Mike asked his father-in-law, Pete Veldman, if he wanted to go into business selling tires over the phone. His father-in-law thought he was crazy.  After all, this was back in the pre-pre-internet 1980s.
American Flag
Flash forward 30 years and what appeared to be crazy, ended up being wicked smart.

The Tire Rack story is the quintessential American story. It's about having a great idea and working hard to make it happen.

What a country, huh?

See more of the story in the USA Today here.

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