Bright Satin Silver Painted Wheels for Your Silver Car, Truck or SUV

If you've got a silver vehicle that's in need of a little style you should look beyond the standard finishes. Silver wheels are normally too close in hue to your car's silver body color to stand out. 

So unless you prefer this look, consider some of these other finishes, such as: chrome, black, grey or dark grey. It would also be worth your time to take a look at a bright satin silver painted finish. A bright satin silver painted finish is created by painting a base grey coat, followed by a brighter silver overcoat, finished with a clearcoat. The net result is a shiny grey finish that offers a perfect contrast with silver.

For a real-life example, view my co-worker Owen's wheel choice on his first-generation (2000) Honda CR-V. After careful consideration, he decided to go with the bright satin silver painted Rial Como.

Rial Como wheels strike a great balance between distinctive looks and continuity. Owen's running the 16" option on his CR-V, but the Rial Como is also available in a 17" diameter.

Are the 225/65-17 tires on your third-generation (2007-2011) Honda CR-V ready to be replaced? If you're considering new wheels, then this is the time to do it. We can mount, balance and deliver them ready to install. Take a look at a set of 17" bright satin silver painted Rial Como wheels on 225/65-17 Michelin Latitude Tour tires at only $1436.*


17x7.5 47mm offset Bright Satin Silver Rial Como $149*
17x7.5 47mm offset Rial Como $149**
225/65-17 Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season Michelin Latitude Touring $161*
225/65-17 Michelin Latitude Tour $161**

*Prices subject to change, including TPMS sensors, excluding shipping

**Prices subject to change.

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