Wheel Clearance Event: Bright PVD Bremmer Kraft BR05

Have you been checking out our Wheel Clearance Event?

One unique finish that may have caught your eye is the bright PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish on the Bremmer Kraft BR05. Physical Vapor Deposition is when the manufacturer electrostatically applies an ionized vapor to the alloy surface in a closed chamber. The process creates a finish that's bright but a little more resistant to weather and corrosion compared to traditional chrome rims. The photo below shows how the BR05 (on the right) compares to a popular chrome wheel from Von Max, the VM2.

Tire Rack

Although every driver has his or her own preference, I like the look of the BR05 on white, black, silver and grey vehicles. The mesh styling will also work with many different applications, including the staggered 19" sizes available for the 2009 (E60 chassis) BMW 528i Sedan. 

A set of 19x8 20mm offset front wheels and 19x9 20mm offset rear wheels combined with the versatile Ultra High Performance All-Season General G-MAX AS-03 in 245/35-19 and 275/30-19 is only $1480* plus shipping. The front wheels have been marked down from $235 to $149, while the rear wheels are currently $89.

19x8 20mm offset Bright PVD Bremmer Kraft BR05
Bremmer Kraft BR05
245/35R19 Ultra High Performance All-Season General G-MAX AS-03
245/35ZR19 G-MAX AS-03



  1. I want to be able to rotate my tires, can I run either the 19x8 20mm offset or the 19x9 20mm offset option on the front and back? If so, what tire size should I run? Either wheel will work in both positions with a 245/35-19 tire. When you select the 245/35-19 size and the 19x9 wheel, you'll have less rubber protruding beyond the edge of the rim making it easier to scrape the outside of the wheel.

  2. Will the Bremmer Kraft BR05 accept my original BMW center cap? Yes, or you can purchase additional O.E. caps for $15 with your order.

*Prices subject to change, limited quantities, including sensors and excluding shipping



Tuesday, May 1, 2012 by Darryl

Interested in a set. I have a Cadillac CTS 2008, do you have the correct bolt pattern. Looking for both tires and rims (combo) Do you still have them as priced of $149 front and $89 rear. Thank you
Tuesday, May 1, 2012 by cy

Unfortunately we don't have a compatible version of the BR05 for your CTS, see all compatible options by entering your exact vehicle information at the Upgrade Garage here:

Monday, July 15, 2013 by santos

hi i wanted to get the wheels in 19x9 whats the best tire size ?
Saturday, November 16, 2013 by Rod

Audi S4 19X8 with all season tires. what would you recommend, and what the best price
Thursday, March 5, 2015 by Ryan

I have been searching, unsuccessfully, for 1 replacement Bremmer Kraft Br05 5x100 for weeks now... Any chance you have one sitting around from the photo shoot or something????
Thursday, March 5, 2015 by cy

Ryan, unfortunately the BR-05's are completely sold out. It's not an exact match but BR-09 is similar. We still have a few BR-09's available in 17x8 5-100 ET48 & 18x8 5-100 ET 48. Thanks. Cy

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