Wheel Clearance Event: 18" ATX Series Storm for Dodge Ram 1500

2012 Ram 1500 Black 3 Quarter

Would you like to to improve the appearance of your new Dodge Ram? Well, take a look at the ATX Series Storm that is currently on closeout. As part of our Wheel Clearance Event, this wheel is now available for only $119! Add the overall performance and versatility of the 275/65-18 Firestone Destination A/T and you've got a Tire & Wheel Package for only $1,456.**

18x8.5 5-139 30 mm  offset Black W/Teflon Coating ATX Storm
18x8.5 5-139 30mm offset Black w/Teflon Coating ATX Series Storm
275/65-18 Firestone Destination A/T
275/65-18 Firestone Destination

2012 Dodge Ram and ATX Storm FAQ:

  1. Is the 30mm offset ATX Series Storm the only compatible wheel for my truck in this particular wheel model? There are actually two compatible versions of the ATX Storm, the 30mm offset and the 18mm offset version.

  2. What's the difference between a 30mm and 18mm offset? Offset is the distance between the mounting pad and the middle centerline of the rim. The higher the offset the more "in," while the lower the offset the more "out" the wheel moves relative to the hub. To gain a better understand of offset, read our tech article titled "Offset."

  3. What effect does this offset difference have on my Ram wheel fitment? Your Original Equipment 17" wheel is either 7" or 8" wide (depending on the exact O.E. wheel you have) with a 25.4 mm offset. You can check your O.E. width by looking for either a 17x7JJ or 17x8JJ stamped on the back of the wheel. Let's consider the O.E. 17x7" wheel. With a 30mm offset, the edge of the wheel will move 4.6 mm in. What about the wheel width difference? Since we're going from a 7" wide wheel to an 8.5" wide wheel, the edge of the wheel will move out by 3/4" (that's 1/2 of the 1.5" wheel width difference).

  4. What would be the net effect for this new set-up? The wheel would move in 4.6 mm because of offset and out 19.05 mm (3/4") with the wheel moving out 14.45 mm (.57 inches) compared to the O.E. 17x7" wheel.

  5. What about the 18mm offset? The wheel would move 7mm out plus another 3/4" out, therefore the edge of the wheel moves out 26.05 mm (1.03"). 
*Prices subject to change, limited stock
**Prices subject to change, including TPMS Sensors and excluding shipping


Tuesday, January 8, 2013 by Brian

Looking for wheels for my 2008 Ram 1500.
Tuesday, January 8, 2013 by cy


The above clearance wheel is sold out but you can see current 2008 Ram 1500 4WD options at the Upgrade Garage, see:


Thanks. Cy
Sunday, May 26, 2013 by bruce

wow that car is amazingliy shinery
Monday, June 30, 2014 by Kerry

Yeah Bruce, mine gets that shiny...

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