Track & Competition DOT Tires That Should Only Be Used on the Track

Are you looking for more grip than the sticky tire options covered here? Track & Competition DOT tires give you the highest level of grip, but their lighter carcasses, shallower tread depths and gummy compounds also make them too fragile for street use. Street use will also expose them to more heat cycles eventually causing severe drops in grip level. These tires are only appropriate if you either tow your car to events or do a tire change at the venue.

Autocross Only Hoosier A7
Hoosier A7
Autocross & Racetrack Only BF Goodrich g-Force R1 S
BFGoodrich g-Force R1 S
Autocross and Racetrack Only Hankook Ventus Z214
Hankook Ventus Z214
Autocross & Racetrack Only Kumho Ecsta V710
Kumho Ecsta V710
Racetrack Only Hoosier R7
Hoosier R7
Racetrack Only BF Goodrich g-Force R1
BFGoodrich g-Force R1
Racetrack Only Toyo Proxes RR
Toyo Proxes RR
Racetrack Only Toyo RA1
Toyo Proxes RA1
Racetrack Only Toyo R888
Toyo Proxes R888

Which tire is best for you? It depends on the choices available in your size and the kind of events you'll be running. Here's a quick summary reviewing each tire's strengths:

  1. Hoosier A7 - Stickiest autocross choice, versatile enough for time-attack events, as well as qualifying and even sprint race competition on some cars. It provides better grip and wear than its predecessor, the Hoosier A6.
  2. BFGoodrich g-Force R1 S - Another multi-talented choice that's designed to reach peak grip quicker than the g-Force R1.
  3. Hankook Ventus Z214 - Uses the C71 soft compound for autocross events and the C51 medium compound for track days. The tire provides a great value.
  4. Kumho Ecsta V710 - A few select sizes at closeout prices still available. The tire is discontinued by Kumho with no replacement available.
  5. Hoosier R7 - Higher lateral grip, better consistency and less sensitivity to repetitive heat cycling compared to the Hoosier R6.
  6. BFGoodrich g-Force R1 - Good grip with predictable handling for an R-compound tire.
  7. Toyo Proxes RR - Replacement for the RA1 that offers more grip than the RA1 but is more sensitive to changes in vehicle set-up.
  8. Toyo Proxes RA1 - Good grip and great wear.
  9. Toyo Proxes R888 - Toyo and Tire Rack don't recommend using this tire on the street but this tire is surprisingly resilient for an R-compound.

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