Touch of Grey for Your Chevy Impala

Are you looking to dress up your Chevy Impala but want something more unique than your standard chrome or silver painted wheel? Then consider the light grey painted 18" MSW Type 23 that's been marked down from $144 to $89.

The Impala provides a great combination of performance, low road noise, ride comfort, passenger room and versatility. Kumho's 235/50-18 Grand Touring All-Season Ecsta LX Platinum does a great job of accentuating these qualities while maintaining a good balance between value and overall capability. Moreover, the price of this Tire & Wheel Package comes in at only $1144***. 

18x8 5-115 42 mm offset Light Grey Painted MSW Type 23
MSW Type 23
235/50-18 Grand Touring All-Season Kumho Ecsta LX Platinum
Kumho Ecsta LX Platinum

Impala and MSW Type 23 FAQ:

  1. My vehicle has 5 lugs but the wheel pictured above has 4 lug openings, how will I know I'm ordering the proper wheel? If a wheel happens to be made in both a 4-lug and 5-lug version, we'll normally use one picture on our website to represent both. In this case, we used the 4-lug version. As long as you enter your vehicle's information properly into the Upgrade Garage, you'll get the correct, compatible version of the wheel.

    Typically, the 5-lug version of a 5-spoke wheel is more appealing to the eye because of better symmetry. With five lugs and four spokes you can either have a spoke aligned with a lug opening or the lug openings between each spoke. You can't achieve this same symmetry with five spokes and four lugs.  
  2. Tire Rack's Upgrade Garage suggests a tire size of 245/45-18, however you're suggesting 235/50-18, why? Both sizes are compatible, but I like 235/50-18 slightly better since that's the O.E. size used on the Impala LTZ and Impala SS. It's also minutely taller, so that helps a little in reducing the amount of fender gap between the top of the tire and the bottom of the fender.
  3. What's the difference between the following O.E. sizes and the above 18" sizes? The O.E. LS and LT size is 225/60-16 (26.7" overall diameter) and 235/50-18 (27.3" overall diameter) which are about a half-inch wider, while the 245/45-18 (26.7" overall diameter) is approximately another half-inch wider compared to the 235/50-18. For more on tire sizing, read "Calculating Approximate Tire Dimensions."
  4. 18s are nice but I want to run 20s on my Impala, will they fit? Yes, as long as you pick a compatible wheel and run 245/35-20 as a tire size.

***Includes TPMS sensors, excluding shipping, limited stock, prices subject to change

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