Best All-Season and Snow Tires for Your 2014 Jaguar F-TYPE

Does your Jaguar F-TYPE lie parked in the garage during the winter months just begging to be driven? Even a weekend spin is not advisable with sticky summer tires during cold, wintry conditions. The Jaguar F-TYPE is too great a car to store away for months at a time!

Performance Winter / Snow tires will give your F-TYPE some grip on cold days and snowy days. We haven't had an opportunity to test fit an F-TYPE yet for wheel fitment, but you can special order tires compatible with your Original Equipment 18, 19 and 20" rims.

245/45-18F & 275/40-18R Ultra High Performance All-Season Continental ExtremeContact DWS $802*
Continental ExtremeContact      DWS
245/40-19F & 275/35-19R Performance Winter Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32 $1172*
Bridgestone Blizzak
245/35-20F & 295/30-20R Performance Winter Pirelli Sottozero/Serie II $1646
Pirelli Winter Sottozero
Serie II

18" Ultra High Performance All-Season Tires

Original Equipment 18" sizes are 245/45R18 (94Y) front tires on 18x8.5 wheels and 275/40R18 (96Y) rear tires on 18x9.5s. Given the unavailability of winters in this tandem, our best option is to go with the Ultra High Performance All-Season Continental ExtremeContact DWS. Although it's not a dedicated winter tire, the Continental ExtremeContact DWS provides good snow grip for its category at a reasonable price.

19" Winter / Snow Tires

Bridgestone makes the Performance Winter / Snow Blizzak LM-32 in the exact 19" Original Equipment sizing of 245/40R19 XL front and 275/35R19 XL in the rear.

20" Winter / Snow Tires

Original Equipment 20" sizes are 255/35R20 (97Y) front tires on 20x9.5 wheels coupled with 295/30R20 (101Y) rear tires mounted on 20x11 wheels. With no matching available winter tires in these sizes, you'll want to improvise by running custom fit 245/35R20 tires in the front. For this combination, Pirelli offers the Winter Sottozero Serie II.

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