The Return of the King? Introducing the Extreme Performance Summer BFGoodrich g-Force Rival

Recently, we received our first batch of Extreme Performance Summer BFGoodrich g-Force Rival tires. The first shipment from BFGoodrich's Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant consisted of the 225/45R17 and 245/40R18 sizes, with 13 additional sizes to come. Unfortunately, it's too cold here at our Indiana headquarters to test the tire, however based on current data, it looks like this BFGoodrich tire will rise to the top.

BFGoodrich's internal testing and their launch comparison indicate mission accomplished. The g-Force Rival excels when driven side-by-side with traditional Extreme Performance Summer leaders.

Our test drivers were particularly impressed with the g-Force Rival's combination of consistent, extreme grip with a high degree of predictability. Instead of "peaky" grip levels which leave the driver wondering what their tire and car are doing, BFGoodrich has endowed the Rival with more progressive grip levels. This allows for better control because the driver has no doubt what's happening with his/her car and tires.

The NOLA Motorsports Park launch test featured some good competitors, but how will the g-Force Rival do against the newest rivals in its class? Dunlop has launched the new Direzza ZII. Bridgestone's rolling out the new Potenza RE-11A. Yokohama has the ADVAN Neova AD08. Who's the king of that group? With all due apologies to Dennis Green, we won't crown it now. We'll crown the champ in early June after completing our comprehensive in-house test.

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