Sign your Teen Driver Up for a Tire Rack Street Survival Class

This past Saturday, I watched my niece play in her youth basketball league. I ended up running the scoreboard and used my close proximity to the court to offer words of wisdom, such as "use the backboard" and "shoot it." Kids, you got to love them!

Inevitably these kids will get bigger, their jump shots will start falling and they'll be teenagers driving themselves to practice. When that time comes, preparing them to be the best drivers they can be will be extremely important. One of the ways to do that is to take your teen driver to a one-day Tire Rack Street Survival class.

Classes are held at our headquarters in South Bend, Indiana, as well as locations across the country. Tire Rack Street Survival classes allow your teen to learn how to properly control his/her car so they don't panic during an emergency, along with helping improve their overall driving skills.

In addition to proper training, teenagers (and all drivers) need the safest tires. If you're in a snowbelt region, then dedicated winter / snow tires are the way to go. If you live in a warmer climate, an Ultra High Performance All-Season tire could work best because of how unpredictable weather can be. For example, in Dallas, Texas, it's not uncommon to receive some light snow, and the all-season option will come in handy compared to a summer tire.

View more information on the Tire Rack Street Survival program and find a class for your teen driver!

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