Winter's Over - Save Some Money and Brighten Your Ride

For most of us, this winter was surprisingly mild. Hopefully, this trend will continue into the spring.

Great weather for you and me isn't necessarily good for our winter / snow tires. They wear at an accelerated rate during the warmer spring days. You need to consider your vehicle's innate snow capability, local weather and the type of winter / snow tire you run; typically most of us should remove our snows around tax time. 

All-season or summer tires during the warmer months? It depends. Many drivers are better off running an all-season tire because, as a group, all-season tires tend to wear better, have better ride compliance and less tread noise compared to summer tires.

Summer tires place an emphasis on dry and wet grip and steering response. If you're looking for a summer tire that won't break the bank, take a look at the closeout 205/40-17 General Exclaim UHP for only $72* each.

And if you're considering adding some color to your ride, take a look at Sparco's Assetto Gara wheels. They're offered in bright silver and a rainbow of other color choices:

17x7 4-100 37mm offset Blue Asseto Gara $136*
Blue Assetto Gara
17x7 4-100 37mm offset Green Asseto Gara $136*
Green Assetto Gara
17x7 4-100 37mm offset Bronze Asseto Gara $136*
Bronze Assetto Gara
17x7 4-100 37mm offset Red Asseto Gara $136*
Red Assetto Gara
17x7 4-100 37mm offset Black Asseto Gara $136*
Black Assetto Gara
17x7 4-100 37mm offset Gold Asseto Gara $136*
Gold Assetto Gara


17x7 4-100 37mm offset White Asseto Gara $136*
White Assetto Gara
17x7 4-100 37mm offset Orange Asseto Gara $136*
Orange Assetto Gara
17x7 4-100 37mm offset Matte Graphite Silver Asseto Gara $136
Matte Graphite Silver Assetto Gara


For example, a set of 17" Assetto Gara wheels on 205/40-17 General Exclaim UHP for the iconic second-generation (1994-2001) Acura Integra is only $820.** This combination can add precision and style to your Integra at a great price.

General and Assetto Gara FAQ:

  1. What other General Exclaim UHP sizes are on closeout? We currently have limited stock in 255/45-17 at $95*, 245/40-18 at $132*, 265/30-20 at $91* and 255/35-21 at $125.*
  2. Do summer tires have better wet grip compared to all-season tires? Wet grip varies among tires in specific performance categories, but most summer tires will have better wet grip than all-season tires. All-season capability means a rubber compound maintains some cold weather malleability (relative to summer tires) and light snow traction. 
  3. I'm currently running the General Exclaim UHP. I really like the tire and would like to get another set, but I can't find my size. What are my other options? The Ultra High Performance All-Season General G-MAX AS-03 is a great choice and unlike the UHP, the tire has decent snow traction for the Ultra High Performance category.
  4. What are my sizing options for the Assetto Gara wheels? The wheel is available in 15"-18" diameter and 4-100, 4-108, 5-100, 5-105, 5-112, 5-114 and 5-120 bolt patterns. However, every color isn't made in each of these bolt pattern and wheel diameter combinations. Wheel width, offset, brake clearance and lug nut engagement are parameters you must consider, so it's best to check availability for your vehicle by entering your vehicle into our Upgrade Garage.

*Prices subject to change

**Prices subject to change, limited stock, excluding shipping


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