Reassuring Wet Grip Today, Tomorrow and Down the Road with Michelin's Premier A/S

How did Michelin improve their Grand Touring All-Season Primacy MXV4?

First, they went out and asked drivers what they wanted from their touring tires. The overwhelming answer was that drivers wanted safe handling and good braking in wet conditions.

Next, Michelin used Emerging Grooves, Expanding Rain Grooves and more silica to dramatically improve wet grip traction. The result is a Grand Touring All-Season tire that beat a top competitor when new and when worn. Yes, you read that correctly! The Michelin Premier A/S at 5/32" of remaining tread depth beat a leading tire when new in a wet braking test.

Impressive? Yes. However, since we're always thinking about tires, we wanted more data. How would the Premier A/S fare against the Grand Touring All-Season tire with best grip, the Continental PureContact with EcoPlus Technology? Last summer, we performed our own test. The Premier A/S when new and when shaved to 5/32" of remaining tread depth both beat the Continental offering. 

As we shaved the tire for the test, we noticed its starting tread depth (8.5/32") is less than the Primacy MXV4 (11/32"). Does less tread depth mean shorter life? No, because the Primacy MXV4's taller tread blocks will squirm when worn, whereas the Premier A/S' Intellisipe 3-Dimensional makes it tread more resistant to squirm. Both tires are offered with a 60,000-mile treadlife warranty.

Be on the look for more test results as we test the tire again later this summer.

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