Newer is Better: Introducing the Ultra High Performance All-Season General G-MAX AS-05

Ultra High Performance All-Season General G-MAX AS-05

Founded in 1915, General Tire has been making tires for over 100 years. That knowledge base improved even more in 1987 when General was purchased by a leading German-tire manufacturer. This infusion of capital and technology has helped General continue to make great tires at a very reasonable prices.  

One such General tire that has tested well and impressed thousands of drivers has been the Ultra High Performance All-Season General G-MAX AS-03. The General G-MAX AS-03 provides a great combination of handling, overall performance and value in a wide range of sizes. Yet General's tire engineers knew that they couldn't rest on their laurels. Our testing program incentivizes tire manufacturers to constantly improve for the next Tire Rack comparison test. As the ultimate tire geeks, we feel that there's always room for improvement.

We definitely like the improvements that General has made in the new G-MAX AS-05, General's replacement for the trusted G-MAX AS-03. Compared to the General G-MAX AS-03, the AS-05 has maintained good steering response, made noticeable improvements in ride and tread noise, along with incremental improvements in dry and wet traction. 

I suspect that we’ll find the biggest difference will be tread noise over the long term. The AS-05's non-directional asymmetric tread pattern allows for side-to-side rotation changing the direction of travel. So in theory, the AS-05 should  be less apt to develop noisy heel and toe wear.

Although we don't have hard data (pending our 2018 winter testing), General's internal testing has shown a modest improvement in winter performance compared to the G-MAX AS-03, which demonstrated good winter performance for its category.

In short, if you liked the General G-MAX AS-03, you'll like the General G-MAX AS-05 even more!

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