New Wheels for 2017 Subaru BRZ with Performance Pack Brembo Brakes

I was hoping to convince Tire Rack management to cover the cost swapping my 2015 Subaru BRZ for a 2017 Subaru BRZ with the Performance Pack.

This would give us quick access for a car to test fit and I get the newest BRZ. Of course they didn't go for that, but we have updated our website with compatible wheels for the 2017 Subaru BRZ with Performance Pack Brembo Brakes. You can view all wheels available for the vehicle here.

If you're autocrossing your 2017 Subaru BRZ PP in the C Stock class, here's the relevant 2017 SCCA National Solo rules excerpt on stock class wheels:

13.4 Wheels: Any type wheel may be used provided it complies with the following: A. It is the same width as standard and as installed it does not have an offset more than ±7.00 mm (±0.275”) from a standard wheel for the car. 

The Performance Pack BRZ is equipped with 17x7.5 48 mm offset (ET) wheels as Original Equipment. Use the filters on our wheel search page to limit your search to 17" diameter, offsets ranging from 42 to 48  and a width of 7.5 inches. For a combination of moderate weight, value and style consider the Sparco Trofeo 5.

 17x7.5 ET48 Black Sparco Trofeo 5 $149
17x7.5 ET48 Sparco Trofeo 5
17x7.5 ET48 Bronze Sparco Trofeo 5 $149
17x7.5 ET48 Sparco Trofeo 5
17x7.5 ET48 Light Grey Sparco Trofeo 5 $121
17x7.5 ET48 Sparco Trofeo 5

I haven't driven a 2017 with its slightly shorter gearing yet, however I suspect the O.E. 215/45R17 size will work best. For this size, add a set of 215/45R17 Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R tires to complete your Tire & Wheel Package at a cost of $1,353.76 (price subject to change) for either the black or bronze wheel option. The light grey package is available for $1,229.80.

There’s no better way to make an instant and dramatic upgrade to the look and performance of your vehicle than with a Tire & Wheel Package. Search for your ideal package and have your BRZ looking that much better!

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