New Sizes for the Streetable Track & Competition Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R

Were you hoping to find more choices in your size for the track? This December, Pirelli channeled their inner Santa Claus and released many new sizes for the Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R.

The Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R made a name for itself by being the tire of choice the most track-ready fifth-generation Camaros. A maniacal effort to cut weight coupled with amazing suspension engineering are a big part of the Z/28's track prowess, but it sure helps to have grippy 305/30R19 Pirelli Pzero Trofeo Rs installed in the front and rear. You can see all available sizes, as well as view a summary of some key sizes and vehicles:

Size Vehicles
205/50R15 Miata, DC2 Integra
225/50R15 Miata
205/55R16 Many vehicles
225/50R16 Many vehicles
245/45R16 911, 924, 944
205/45R17 Mini Cooper
225/45R17 Many vehicles
255/40R17 Boxster
235/40R18 Audi S4
265/35R18 Porsche 911
265/40R18 Porsche 911
295/30R18 Porsche 911
245/35R19 E46 M3
265/30R19 E46 M3
295/30R19 Porsche 911
305/30R19 Porsche 911
325/30R19 Corvette
245/35R20 991 911
305/30R20 991 911

Keep in mind that the P Zero Trofeo R is a track tire with a 60 treadwear rating and 6/32nd of an inch of tread depth that's resilient enough to be driven to and from the track but it's not designed for daily driving use. You'll get amazing dry grip but hydroplaning resistance, wet grip, wear and tread noise will suffer compared to Extreme Performance Summer tires. The P Zero Trofeo R's skill set is very similar to that of the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup.

All this talk about track tires has me dreaming of warmer days. It gives us all something to look forward to as we hunker down for a short, snowy winter.

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